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Village of Elsie Golf Cart Resolution

Frequently Asked Questions – Rules & Regulations

The Village of Elsie Golf Cart Resolution allows residents to register golf carts for use on Village of Elsie Streets. This does not include streets, roads, trails outside of the Village of Elsie Village limits.

Who can operate a golf cart?

Subject to certain restrictions, a person can operate a golf cart on certain Village streets as long as he or she is at least 16 years old, with a valid level 2 license or higher is licensed to operate a motor vehicle and both the person and the golf cart is registered with the Village of Elsie.

What types of vehicles fall under the Golf Cart Resolution?

Only golf carts are covered. Golf carts are defined as a vehicle designed for transportation while playing the game of golf. All other types of vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs are not covered by this resolution. To be legally operated on Village streets golf carts must be registered with and approved by the Village of Elsie. Further, golf carts must have function Headlights on the front and functioning taillights on the rear, visible from 500’ affixed to the rear of the cart.

When can I operate my golf cart?

If registered, golf carts can be operated one-half hour after sunrise until a one-half hour prior to sunset (2014 PA 491). In other words, golf carts cannot be operated on Village streets in the dark. Also, golf carts shall not be operated during weather events with snow and/or ice on the ground.

Where can I operate my golf cart?

A properly registered person may operate a registered golf cart on Village streets with the following restrictions:

The operator of a golf cart shall obey all sections pertaining to traffic in the Michigan Vehicle Code, and the Uniform Traffic Code.

A person operating a golf cart upon a roadway shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable, exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or a vehicle proceeding in the same direction.

A person shall not operate a golf cart on a state trunkline highway or on streets with a speed limit of more than 35 miles per hour.

State Highways, County Roads, Private Streets, and School Drives are not Village streets and the Village’s resolution does not allow golf carts to be operated on the same. Provided, golf carts may cross state trunklines (except interstates) to go from one portion of a Village street to another, where golf carts are permitted to operate, by using the most direct line of crossing. A golf cart shall not be operated on a sidewalk, bike path, or where motorized vehicles are prohibited.

These restrictions do not apply to a police officer, Village officials, employees, contractors, or volunteers in the performance of Village duties.

How fast can I operate my golf cart?

Michigan law provides that golf carts operated on Village streets must not exceed 25 miles per hour. Operating your golf cart on a Village street more than 25 miles per hour will result in a ticket.

How much does the registration sticker cost?

There is no annual cost to register your golf cart with the Village of Elsie. Registration stickers are valid from April 1st and expire March 31st the following year.

What are the insurance requirements?

The applicant must show proof of insurance as a rider to a homeowner’s, or renter’s policy, or in any other form of policy, for coverage of personal injury and property damage resulting from the operation of the subject golf cart. A registration sticker will not be issued unless proof of insurance is provided at the time of the inspection. A copy of the registration must be with the cart at all times.

Where do I register my golf Cart?

You may bring your golf cart to The Village of Elsie Admin Office, 125 W Main St Elsie, MI, 48831. An Elsie Police Officer or Code Enforcement officer will process your Registration Application, examine your golf cart and check your proof of insurance.

What are the penalties for violating the Golf Cart Resolution?

Any person violating any provisions of this article shall be responsible for a civil infraction and a fine in the amount in accordance with the Civil infraction and fine chart specified in section 7.5-3 in the Village of Elsie Ordnance book.

Additional Information – The Golf Cart Resolution and documents can be found on Should you have any questions or comments feel free to contact the Village of Elsie (989) 862-4273 or by email at Please see a complete listing of the Rules and Regulations concerning golf carts in the Village of Elsie on pages 3-4 of this document.