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You are here : Departments  >  Treasurer's office


tax bills will be mailed no later than June 16th 2017

Please mail or drop off your tax payment along with the bottom of your tax bill. 

Payments can be made by Check, Cash or Credit Card. The amount being paid MUST be EXACT, no exceptions. 

Delinquent Taxes for the Village of Elsie MUST be paid to the Clinton County Treasurers Office. The Elsie Village office WILL NOT accept  Delinquent Tax payments. For information on Delinquent Taxes Contact the Clinton County Treasurers Office. 

This office Does not Collect or Have Tax information regarding the Duplain Township Property Tax.  

Please contact the Duplain Township Treasurer Amy Bowen at 989-862-0242

click or copy the link below to view your tax bill

Deferment - Monday, June 12, 2017


Village of Elsie Residents


Applications for Deferment of Summer 2017 Taxes

Deferments can only be filed and dated from 07/01/2017 thru 09/14/2017.  Deferments must be filed annually.  Postmarks will not be accepted.


The Duplain Township treasurer and the Village of Elsie treasurer are currently accepting applications for summer 2017 tax deferments (deferments are not exemptions).  To qualify, a household annual income cannot exceed $40,000.00 for the preceding tax year.  The applicant(s) must also be:

1.        62-years of age or older, or

2.        A totally and permanently disabled person, blind, paraplegic, hemiplegic, quadriplegic, or

3.        An eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran, or their eligible widow or widower.


Those that farm agricultural real property may also qualify if the gross receipts of the farming operation are not less than the household income of the owner.  More information and deferment applications may be obtained from:

The Village of Elsie

Shane E Grinnell, Office Manager/Treasurer 

Susan Maynard Deputy Treasurer

125 E Main St. 

Elsie MI 48831


About the Treasurers' Office


The Treasurer of the Village of Elsie is one of two public officials that are appointed by and directly report to the Village of Elsie Council. The Treasurer’s office handles the administration and management of the Village Offices, oversees taxes, water/sewer customer service and billing, financial management and reporting for the Village of Elsie, public and legal communications, and other services to Village residents.


The Treasurer’s office provides notary public and other services to Village of Elsie residents. 

Tax Information & Assessing

The Treasurer’s office handles tax collection for summer Village property taxes. Assessing services for the Village of Elsie are provided by Dr. Mark Holley,  he can be reached at 989 834-5611

Audit Reports

Every other Year the Village of Elsie undergoes an annual audit to ensure that State and Local Governmental Accounting Practices are being conducted according to the law.  A&G has performed these services for the Village of Elsie. 

Shane E. Grinnell, Village of Elsie Treasurer

Shane is a Resident of the Village of Elsie. He is married to his wife Hanna and have 2 children. Shane is a Carson City Crystal High School 2000 Graduate, with a  Michigan state Endorsed Diploma. Mr. Grinnell Attended Montcalm Community College, and studied Criminal Justice and obtained a stated lic. as a Emergency Medical Tech Specialist. Shane worked for the County of Montcalm as a Lt. with the Emergency Services Division. Shane also was elected to the Carson City Council prior to working for the Village of Elsie. While on council he served on the Public Works, Police, and Budget Committee.  Shane has been a leader in the Fire Service for more than 16 years currently serving as the Treasurer and Training officer for the Elsie Area Fire Department. Shane is also a 2002 Belding Police Reserve Academy Graduate and is a Certified Reserve Police Officer  with the City of Perry. 

Mr. Grinnell  is currently a member of the  the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association.