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You are here : Council
Elsie Village Council

Public Notice: Virtual Council Meeting due to COVID-19

In the interest of protecting public health and facilitating compliance with the State of Michigan’s Stay Home-Stay Safe Order, the Elsie Village Council will hold a virtual meeting, permitted by Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-15, with the sole purpose to conduct essential business necessary to ensure that village operations continue without interruption during the COVID 19 pandemic. Individuals interested in participating in the virtual meeting can do so through telephone via the magicJack meeting platform. ( see details below)

The Village will post access information necessary for participation for every meeting which shall include the meeting identification number, access password, and access telephone number on our website ( and our Facebook Page.

At this point in time, the regular Village Council meeting on April 14th is scheduled to be held virtually. The Village President, Village Clerk, and Village Manager will be at the Elsie Public Library hosting the call, all other Council Members, Members of the public and members of the Press will need to call into the Village council meeting to participate. ( instructions below)

The Village Council will be utilizing the normal agenda format for the virtual meetings. Individuals are not required to identify themselves unless they wish to speak during the regular public comment times identified on the agenda. At that point, to participate the individual will be required to give their name and address as is required at all Village Council meetings.

Individuals who may have questions regarding the virtual meetings are encouraged to contact the Village Manager Shane Grinnell at 989-862-4273 ext. 7 or

To access the 7:00pm April 14th 2020 Council meeting:

1) Dial phone number 1-305-848-8888
2) Push 1 to enter a conference call
3) enter conference number 
1258624273 then push #

Once in the conference call PLEASE push MUTE on your phone. This will reduce background noise. If you would like to speak at the appropriate time you may do so by un-muting your phone. Meetings will be audio only.

The Village Council meets at the Duplain Township Hall Every 2nd TUESDAY of each month, at 7:00 pm.

Elsie Village Officials
Village President Tom Frink
Term Expires - Nov. 2022
       Trustee Spencer Frink
Term Expires - Nov. 2022
Trustee Jason Freeman
President Pro- Tem
Term Expires - Nov. 2020
  Trustee Joe Ondrusek
Street Admin
Term Expires - Nov. 2020
Trustee Jim Hyland
Term Expires - Nov 2020
  Trustee Dorothy Ornelas
Term Expires - Nov. 2022
Trustee Todd Carroll
Term Expires - Nov. 2020
  Village Clerk Ann Trierweiler
Term Expires - Nov. 2022

Village Manager/Treasurer

Shane Grinnell
Term Expires: Non-Expiring





           Village Committee's 

Budget  Jim Hyland, Joe Ondrusek, Dorothy Ornelas 
 Personnel  Todd Carroll, Joe Ondrusek, Jason Freeman
 Park & Rec   Dorothy Ornelas, Jim Hyland, Todd Carroll
 Police  Todd Carroll, Joe Ondrusek, Jason Freeman