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You are here : Council
Elsie Village Council

The Village Council meets at the Duplain Township Hall Every 2nd TUESDAY of each month, at 7:00 pm.

Elsie Village Officials

Village President Tom Frink
Term Expires - Nov. 2018

Trustee Spencer Frink
Term Expires - Nov. 2018


Trustee Jason Freeman
President Pro- Tem
Term Expires - Nov. 2018
Trustee Joe Ondrusek
Street Admin
Term Expires - Nov. 2020


Trustee Jim Hyland
Term Expires - Nov 2020
Trustee Dorothy Ornelas
Term Expires - Nov. 2018


Trustee Todd Carroll
Term Expires - Nov. 2020

Village Clerk Ann Trierweiler
Term Expires - Nov. 2020


Treasurer Shane Grinnell
Term Expires: Non-Expiring



           Village Committee's 

Budget  Jim Hyland, Joe Ondrusek, Dorothy Ornelas 
 Personnel  Todd Carroll, Joe Ondrusek, Jason Freeman
 Park & Rec   Dorothy Ornelas, Jim Hyland, Todd Carroll
 Police  Tom Frink,JimHyland,JoeOndrusek