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To Submit a Work Order
1. Click on the work order button
2. Email/enter your name, address and contact info
3. Enter the best time for a DPW employee to reach you
4. In detail what the work order/issue is
5. Push send
If you do not hear back within 2 business days please call 989-862-4273


The Village of Elsie's Department of Public Works (DPW) maintains a wide variety of the Village's infrastructure. The DPW is responsible for services including water, sewer and storm water systems, the maintenance of the Village's parks, roads, trees, cemetery and other Village assets. 

 Shane Grinnell Village Manager  Manager@elsie.org 
Chris Ormes Full-Time (Operations) dpw@elsie.org
Matt Spencer Full-Time (Operations) dpw3@elsie.org
Mike Townsend Part-Time ( Water Operator)
Collin Freeman Part Time ( Operations)
Justin Watkins Part Time DPW ( Operations) 
Office Hours 
Monday 10am to 4pm
Tuesday 10am to 4pmp
Wednesday 11am to 8pm
Thursday 10am to 4pm
Friday 10am to 4pm
Sat/Sun Closed 
DPW Office Telphone (989) 862-4273
Emergency / On Call (989) 862-4273 then push 1




Yard Clean Up

The Village of Elsie Brush and Leaf Collection DOs and DON'Ts

DO:Put brush out to the curb ANYTIME during the week, our crews will pick it up within a few days
DO NOT stack brush against trees, fences, utility poles or other stationary objects.

DO: Pile your brush facing all the same direction. this is so our loader can pick up the pile. 
DO NOT: just pile the brush into a pile facing all directions. Our loader will have a hard time picking the brush up, and could leave a mess or damage your lawn. 

DO: Place your brush where your garbage is collected – at the curb if your trash is collected there.
DO NOT: place brush, clippings and/or leaves in medians or where they can be washed into a storm sewer, catch basin or stream and clog up drainage systems.

DO : Leaves and grass clippings can be put out with your limbs and other brush in brown paper bags ONLY. Plastic bags will not be accepted. 
DO NOT: include limbs more than 4 inches in diameter, longer than 15 feet, or stumps with root balls and dirt. Do not include bamboo over 8 feet long.

Brush and yard waste (grass, leaves, etc.) from commercial tree and landscaping services must be disposed of by the company and not left for collection by The Village of Elsie

The Village of Elsie Brush and Leaf Collection DOs and DON'Ts


Village Water Info/Facts

How does the village know how much water you have used each month without going inside and looking at the meter ?

There are "eyes" or sensors that are attached to your meter inside, and located outside your house.  The village of Elsie has two types of meters.

 The first style is a black sensor that is mounted to the side of your house. The other stlye is called a "pit meter". This is a pit in your yard, with a locking cap on it. On top of the cap is also a black sensor. 

 Each month our DPW crew walks around town scanning each sensor, then the data is linked into the billing system at the village office.

 To help our DPW crews Please keep your water meter "eye" clear of dirt, snow, leaves, shrubs etc. The DPW needs to be able to access it. If you have any questions on where your sensor is located please give the village offica a call and a DPW crew member will meet with you. 


Frequently Asked Questions About The Village of Elsie’s Mosquito Control Services

 When Does the Village Spray? The DPW will spray on a as needed basis. Most times the DPW crews spray at dusk/night when the most Mosquitos are out. Between the hours of 8pm and 1am.  Weather conditions also play a factor when spraying. Conditions have to be no rain, and calm winds.

Can I request the DPW to spray in other places other than along the street? Yes you can. The more places the crews can get the better. Please call the Village office and contact Village Manager Shane Grinnell, 989-862-4273 Ext 7 so he can come do a pre plan for your property. We will be looking for any hazards or objects the crew will need to know about before they spray.

 How much will it cost to call The Village of Elsie for Mosquito Control for service? If you have a mosquito problem, please call the office. There is no fee for service. For Village of Elsie residents. Residents pay taxes that provide the funds for program operation.

• How does the Elsie DPW Mosquito Control program control larval and adult mosquitoes? Products are used to treat water in ponds, storm drains, ditches, etc., where mosquito larvae are found or may develop later. Ultra Low Volume (ULV) sprays are used at critical times and locations to help control adult mosquitoes.

Why are mosquito populations higher some years compared to others? Mosquito populations fluctuate depending mostly on rainfall. Frequent rainstorms create more standing water and therefore, more mosquitoes.

 How many species of mosquitoes are in the world and in Michigan? There are about 3,000 species of mosquitoes worldwide and about 60 species in Michigan.

• How long do mosquitoes live? Depending on the species, mosquitoes can live several weeks to a month or more. Females live longer than males.

 How much blood does a female mosquito drink per serving? About 5 millionths of a quart (for an Aedes aegypti)

 • Why do we itch after a mosquito bites? The itching we feel from a mosquito bite is our body's reaction to the anticoagulant injected with the female mosquito's saliva as she takes blood.

• What attracts a female mosquito to a human? Carbon dioxide (CO2), our breath, is a proven attractant. Warm bodies, dark-colored clothing, and scents like perfume and deodorant also attract female mosquitoes.

 • What is the most effective protection against biting insects? The most effective treatment is a repellent containing DEET, but there are other repellents available. Covering as much of the body (long sleeves) also makes it harder for mosquitoes to bite a person.

• Are mosquitoes active in inclement weather? Mosquitoes are not very active on windy or cool days. Spraying to control adult mosquitoes, therefore, only occurs when weather conditions are right.

 • What do male mosquitoes do? Male mosquitoes fertilize the females. They also feed on nectar and can therefore be pollinators. Male mosquitoes, which usually emerge shortly before females, form a mating swarm when females emerge. Females mate only once and store sperm that will later fertilize the eggs she lays.

 • Where do mosquitoes in cities and towns come from? Many are produced in water-filled containers like old tires, improperly maintained swimming pools, and street catch basins, where mosquito eggs are laid. Anything that can contain water is a potential breeding source.

• What can homeowners do around their own backyards to reduce mosquitoes? Homeowners can eliminate mosquito breeding sites on their property by periodically emptying water from containers such as buckets, tires, gutters, trashcans etc. or keeping water clean in swimming pools, dog bowls, birdbaths, etc.

For more information please feel free to contact the Village of Elsie.